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Joe Hedges

For fans of: Peter Gabriel, Arcade Fire, Pete Yorn, Coldplay

If musicians were born like superheroes from the ashes of freak accidents, Joe Hedges could have walked out of the exploded laboratory of Peter Gabriel, Sting and Brian Eno.  Hedges is a recording artist and visual artist living in rural Washington state who creates compositions that range from ambient/instrumental to singer-songwriter, all merging electronic, acoustic and orchestral instrumentation. Having cut his teeth on alt-rock while growing up in Ohio, Joe Hedges has steadily evolved into a soulful and formidable singer-songwriter and ambient artist, even without the aid of parapsychological explosion events.

Hedges first achieved success in 2002 fronting the alternative rock outfit July For Kings released on MCA Records. They garnered national media attention from Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone, and InStyle while landing the band national tours with Muse, Collective Soul, The Counting Crows, The Calling, etc. In 2006 Hedges redirected his energies toward creating more atmospheric, contemplative music using his own moniker.

Notable placements include: 
State Farm

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